Is Facebook becoming the new Netflix?

Facebook pouring money into original shows.

Mykah Latimer, Staff Writer

Facebook has thrown their hat in the ring for producing and streaming movies. With the decline in popularity for this social networking site, Facebook now plans on funding a wide variety of original episodic content – documentary series, reality shows, and scripted programs.

With Facebook hopping on the producing bandwagon, there has been speculation from the media that they are going to have a tough time with Netflix as their competition.

Woodside sophomore, Jaslyne Flores,  who loves watching Netflix in her free time, stated proudly , “Netflix has built an empire in the streaming industry. I honestly believe there is no way Netflix will ever be beat. They just offer too many original shows and movies that Facebook isn’t going to offer.”

Facebook is not the only company investing in original shows. The Guardian, also released an article saying, “YouTube and Apple, both of which are also pouring money into original content, have similarly high hopes for their prospects as online streaming services.” Not only will this multi billion social networking company be competing against Netflix, but also other social networks with the same ideas.

They are also taking the approach of picking up dropped shows from MTV, Mic, and Fox Sports. Some of the shows that Facebook has already started pouring money into are Ball in the Family Loosely and Exactly Nicole.

Alton Sans, in an interview with The Woodside World, was asked if he recognized any of the shows Facebook decided to fund: , “I have never heard of those shows, I would rather just stick with my shows on Netflix. But if they come out with better shows than Netflix then I would gladly switch over.