Apple launches New iPhone X


Isabella Williams, Online/Social Media Editor

At its annual event on Tuesday, September 12, Apple announced the new iPhone X, which features a wider display of updated quality, a dual lens camera with increased lighting abilities, wireless charging, and facial recognition never before seen in a smartphone.

Apple has changed the iPhone’s physical appearance significantly in this generation, introducing a much bigger display that makes the device almost all screen, and simultaneously eliminating the home button entirely. The high resolution OLED screen improves the quality of photos and videos, and making them crisp and aesthetically enjoyable.

The new phone is made of  surgical grade stainless steel and claims to be the most durable screen ever in a smartphone. Apple says this generation is water and dust resistant as well.

This generation has completely eliminated the home button and introduced Face ID, a feature that allows users to merely glance at the screen to unlock their phone. Face recognition comes from the new TrueDepth camera system, which is hidden at the top of the display, and recognizes the features of the user’s face in great depth, even if they decide to grow a beard or wear sunglasses that day. Face ID can also be used to activate Apple Pay.

In response to controversy regarding the security of Face ID, Apple assures users that this method is secure. If the user doesn’t look directly at the phone, it will not unlock, protecting against someone just holding the phone to the user’s face and taking it. Another safety precaution includes pressing both side buttons to temporarily disable Face ID.

Another brag of the iPhone X is its updated dual lens front and rear cameras. The 12 megapixel rear camera and 7 megapixel front camera both offer previously released Portrait Mode as well as Portrait Lighting, which allows for studio lighting quality and advanced depth sensing. The rear camera also offers 10x optical zoom in photos and 6x in videos.

The iPhone X also introduces wireless charging, which allows users to place their iPhone on a wireless charging pad to recharge. The wireless charging pad is not included with the purchase of the new iPhone, costing an extra $60. Despite this new feature, Apple did not eliminate the charging port from the iPhone X.

The iPhone X pricing raises a lot of controversy, starting at $1,000 and exceeding many users’ budget. This starting price includes 64GB configuration and comes with EarPods with a Lightning Connector, a Lightning to USB cord, USB power adapter, and a Lightning to headphone jack adapter. $1000 does not include the new wireless charging pad compatible with the iPhone X. A protective case, the next level of 256GB storage, the wireless charging pad, and AppleCare coverage would make this iPhone X around $1,500.