Despacito surpasses Gangnam Style as most viewed YouTube video

Woodside students are asked what music video they think is the most popular on YouTube and react to what the video actually is

Travis Moss, Staff Writer

Latin-Pop single “Despacito” surpassed Gangnam Style as the most viewed video on YouTube on August 4, after being uploaded for only 7 months.

Gangnam Style, a one-hit wonder by Korean Pop singer PSY, had previously been the most viewed YouTube video, and the first YouTube video to ever reach a billion views.

When asked, students had similar answers for what they thought to be the most popular video: Justin Bieber.

“The most popular video is probably…Justin Bieber,” said senior Cypro Parrocha.

Although the Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber only featured on the single, it still it is credited as one of his four videos to reach over one billion views. Students also commented on why “Despacito” reached such popularity.

“Probably because English and Spanish are common languages and a lot of cultures would understand a song blending the two languages,”  junior Taylor Dana explained.

The song had a Spanish verse with Puerto-Rican singer-Luis Fonsi and one in English with pop-star Justin Bieber hence the song using both languages and how it blended cultures. Some students had things to say about the song’s quality and why a song would be so popular.

“It mainly became popular because it had Justin Bieber, and the radio is mainly commercial and doesn’t always recognize quality,” freshman Frederick Churchill stated.