Fall/Winter Movie Preview (2017)

Catch what’s coming to theaters in coming months with this handy overview

Zack Hage, Copy Editor

The 2017 fall and winter movie season is looking to be one of the most exciting in recent memory, as Woodside students find horror, superhero, and action movies as big picks among the fray.

This season of movies not only includes movies such as It, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Thor: Ragnarok, Blade Runner 2049, and Justice League but also indie films, comedies, and numerous other sequels. The upcoming season is also notable for the return of fan-favorite franchises such as the spy-themed Kingsman, the gratuitously gross Saw, and the melodic Pitch Perfect. It also wouldn’t be a film season without reboots, and at the end of this year we’ll also be receiving Jumaji, Death Wish, and Murder on the Orient Express remakes with all-new casts.

Even with this variety, many Woodside movie-goers agree on one thing: Star Wars. Seniors Clayton Conover, Tyler Davis, and Aaron Mills not only share mass appreciation for the franchise, but also excitement for The Last Jedi, whose ominous namesake has already been a hit with fans.

“The idea that the Jedi could be disappearing is quite the jump from what previous movies offered by focusing on various Jedi and their power struggles” said Clayton Conover.

The film is the second sequel following Disney’s 2012 acquisition of the series, and the third when counting prequel Rogue One. Trailers for the movie have already racked up millions of views online, and the critical/ commercial success for The Force Awakens has definitely helped this. The movie will also be Carrie Fisher’s last appearance, following her death in late 2016.

Outside Star Wars, students are also excited for Blade Runner 2049, It, and Mother. The latter could be one of the most intriguing horror movies in recent memory, not only due to its large and impressive cast, but also its atmosphere and setting, which is coming from the same director who crafted 2010’s eerie Black Swan.

When speaking about his excitement for the film, Clayton Conover said:“The elite cast of Lawrence, Bardem, Harris, and Pfeiffer can bring such a large array of creepiness and anxiety, which is hinted at in the most recent trailer”

Lastly, Blade Runner 2049 is another anticipated release to hit theaters October 6.. The sequel is already receiving kudos for starring Harrison Ford (who appeared in the first film), and it could finally be the break the franchise needs to move beyond cult classic status.

While Lick Wilmerding senior Tyler Davis didn’t mention this as part of her excitement for the film, she did compare it to another fan favorite:“Same with Star Wars, I loved the originals, so I’m looking forward to this.”

Overall, this fall/winter movie season is more varied than some would think, thanks to a lineup that includes sequels, reboots, and new franchises. This way, whether you’re banking on old nostalgia, a favorite series, or something new altogether everybody can find something they can enjoy.

“I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was little, and having my dad watch the movies with me when I was younger just has me really excited for The Last Jedi” said Mills.