Heading Into the Summer

Teachers are Excited for the Break

Beck Patrone, Sports Editor

As Woodside students get ready to leave school for the summer break, their teachers will also be enjoying their time off in similar ways.

Summertime means relaxation, catching rays of sunshine, and adventuring across the globe for the hopeful teenagers of Woodside High School. What most students at Woodside do not realize is that the faculty and staff also have an array of exciting plans for the summer break. Ranging from going on a few local trips all the way to traveling throughout the face of the Earth during this break, a very exhilarating summer is in store for the teachers of Woodside High School.

“I’m going on a big trip. My daughter’s been studying in Spain, so I’m going to go meet her the day after graduation, and I’ve never been there so that’ll be really fun,” Video production teacher, Gwen Sidley stated.

While many teachers will be travelling abroad, some Woodside teachers will stick to traveling just in the United States during the summer.

“I’m going to three out of state weddings and then going to visit family up to washington,” Web Design Teacher, Lynn Emrick said. “Also, I’ll go on another trip to Texas to visit family, and if there’s time for short weekend trips I’ll do some of those.”

However, for some teachers it won’t be all fun and games, as a select few will be teaching summer school instead of enjoying the sun.

“I’m going to be teaching a summer program for incoming ninth graders called A-Learn,” Statistics teacher, Robert Igoe said.

For teachers that will be working during the break, in order to have some amount of fun will also try their best to vacation during their time away from their main job.

“Maybe I’ll do some day trips on the weekend,” Igoe added. “I’ll probably camp at least one weekend and I’ll get two weeks at the end, but I don’t plan to do anything major.”

Due to the long break in their jobs, many teachers will take advantage of the time off to try some new foods and experience new, exciting things during the summer.

“I’ve been watching the show called the great British baking show and I want to try some of the recipes that they do,” added Sidley.

As the summer approaches, teachers look forward to an exciting, memorable break. Although it should be an exciting time they do leave their students with some messages.

“Relax and enjoy your summer! Take an internship and visit some colleges!” Emrick finished.