New Spirit App For Woodside Students

Chloe Stearns, Staff Writer

As the year comes to a close, Woodside High School has released their very own Wildcat Spirit App. This new invention has helped lots of students stay connected to school activities.

Lots of students are raving about this new application, which is very useful for students and teachers. It is mainly focused on spirit and keeping track of spirit points. The app allows students to sign into it with their Woodside username and password.

Ally Kent, a sophomore at Woodside High, told Woodside World, “It’s really easy to use and helps me keep track of all my points because it’s hard to remember every event I went to throughout the year.”

The app takes you to a home page with interactive buttons for events, rewards, account, fan poll, leaders, and social. These buttons bring you to separate pages on the app that are simple and easy for one to use.

Leslie Gonzales, a freshman at Woodside High, said, “I like the layout, but I don’t like how it’s only for spirit points.”

Unfortunately, this is a concern that many students have about the app. Most believed that the app would be a replica of the Woodside website, but it only focuses on class spirit for the time being. The app includes ways to track spirit points and has a feed with upcoming events that allow students to know what events that can attend and get spirit points.

Karen Jones, a sophomore at Woodside High, was excited about the app and uses it as often as she can. “I love the new app! I always had trouble at the end of the year knowing where my class stood in spirit points, but now it’s so easy to check into an event and contribute to my class.”

Out of the over 1,800 students that attend Woodside High, over a thousand are signed up for the app and are already earning lots of points for their classes from recent events like the dodgeball game and the Art Boom.

“I think if there was more things to do on the app like more information for students or some sort of game, it would be more entertaining for kids,” Kent stated.