Advice From The Class of 2017

The Senior Class Gives Advice to Underclassmen

Olivia Dumas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Dear Class of 2018 and those to come,

As the school year comes to a close and “senioritis” takes over, we as the class of 2017 are here to reflect on what we’ve learned and attempt to convey our knowledge to you and future senior classes.

Senior year is the conclusion to our high school experience. High school is what you make of it,and you get out what you put in. Football games, dances, spirit days, and other events are fun to take part in, but it’s important to set aside time to plan out life after senior year. Whether you’re planning on joining the military, working, going to a four or two year college, it’s important to have a general idea of what you want to do. Mariela Lopez, a senior at Woodside shared her opinions about getting ready for life after high school.

“Start College applications early, or make sure you have general plan for what you want to do after high school,” Lopez said. “Your plan can always change, but it’s good to know what you want to do.”

An early start doesn’t just apply to college applications; many seniors suggest that students get a head start on the Senior Thesis. Lopez stated that most of her success came out of managing her time appropriately.

“Make sure you have enough time for the senior thesis and college apps. Try to work around the two. I think I was most successful because I managed my time really well,” she said.

Another Woodside senior, Claire Cicchetti agreed that it’s important to set aside time for assignments such as the Senior Thesis.

Cicchetti said, “Make sure you take the time to plan out your schedule so you have time to work on the senior thesis, college apps, and regular homework.”

Although Cicchetti explained the importance of setting aside time, it’s also important to enjoy your last high school experiences.

“Don’t get too caught up in homework, you want to enjoy the moments outside of school while you still can,” Cicchetti said.

Without time management, seniors often felt that procrastination was a difficult obstacle during their senior year. Alyssa Montalvo discussed how her procrastination affected her.

“Don’t procrastinate because that’s the biggest problem I had this year.” Montalvo jokingly said, “Also pick a good senior quote. I procrastinated so mine is ‘no ragrets’ and I really regret it.”

Seniors also agreed that the year was a lot more stressful than they thought it would be and many, like Robert Lopez, mentioned that it’s important to stay positive during the year.

Lopez said, “Don’t forget to smile. Senior year might be very stressful, but just remember that a smile can change a whole person’s day.”

Overall, senior year is filled with a lot of planning about the future and worrying about assignments. Although the stress gets to many seniors, it’s important to enjoy high school while it’s still here.

“Get all your work done, make memories with your friends, meet new people, and make sure you’re having fun,” stated Mariela. “It’s your last year to try new things in high school so don’t forget to make the most of the time you have left.”


The Class of 2017