The Cause and Effects of Senioritis at Woodside

Chloe Stearns, Health/Lifestyle Editor

As March begins, many Woodside High School seniors are struggling with a common endeavor: “senioritis.” It can manifest itself as early as the end of junior year or as late as the last couple months of senior year.

Kyla Cagan, a senior at Woodside explained how senioritis has made her more stressed and how being a senior is making her ready to be done with school.

“It happens because it’s that giddy feeling of being almost done with something, the hurry up and get it over with feeling,” Cagan told the Woodside World.

This feeling is common among the many high school seniors who are anticipating their future plans. Although the feeling of excitement is in the air in early spring, it can cause a lack of motivation in these young adults.

Cagan said, “I’ve always been a straight-A student and on top of the ball, but I guess suddenly something suddenly snapped when everything got harder and more stressful. I guess I kind of gave up a bit.”

Despite the excitement of growing up and leaving high school, Cagan is one of the many seniors who struggles daily with the constant stress of school, and after nearly twelve years of school, giving up sounds pretty inviting.

“I think the definite cause is stress, but I am sure there are other factors like becoming an adult and college worries that make stress really hard, making school less of a priority,” she expressed.

As students make their way through senior year, school sometimes takes a back burner compared to bigger issues like the stresses of becoming an adult. This is when senioritis occurs and seniors begin to feel the stress while losing the motivation to go to school and try.

Emma Lara, another senior at Woodside High School, obtained senioritis at the beginning of the second semester of her senior year.

She agrees with Cagan by saying, “I think the cause is being almost done with school and not caring as much anymore and the effects are not showing up to school, wearing pajamas, not doing homework, and coming to class late.”

Another reason why senioritis happens is because students have already gotten accepted into their colleges and they believe that the effort is over. This is a common misconception because colleges tend to check up on incoming freshman after their acceptance to make sure they’ve made the right choices.

Senioritis may not seem like a big deal to Woodside seniors now, but it could have serious consequences. wrote,“Every year, colleges rescind offers of admission, put students on academic probation or alter financial aid packages as a result of “senioritis.”