Lululemon Nation

Daniela Thorne, Staff Writer

Lululemon, a popular yoga brand, is spread throughout the quad in speckles of red and white. At Woodside High School, Lululemon bags can be seen within many circles of friends, while other groups of friends lack the proof that they own an item from this brand.

Originally founded in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon was made for people who partake in yoga, dance, or other physical activities. However, many people wear Lululemon on a daily basis not only for comfort but also for status.

“I think most people can agree that lululemon is extremely good quality and they offer great refunds and customer service,” says Louise Hautefeuille, a Woodside freshman and Lululemon customer. “However our money is mostly paying for the horseshoe logo on our leggings than the fabric and quality of services.”

This “horseshoe logo” was supposed to represent the A in what the original name for the brand, “Athletically Hip.” However, now the logo seems to look a lot like the Omega which is the last letter of the alphabet and means great.

“But in the end that’s how all brands are, and I don’t think there is much we can do about it except state the obvious, you are paying the brand, not the clothing,” Hautefeuille states.

The tight-fit, $108 dollar pants seem to be a hit among many girls of varying grades and has become a staple in their everyday outfits, despite the price. Under Armour pants, however, only cost about $50 but are not nearly as popular as Lululemon.

“Like all brands and expensive things, Lululemon does create a space between those who can pay and those who can’t,” Hautefeuille continued. “However, if you have an open mindset, it also separates those who put their money in more reasonable places with those who don’t.”

This separation is becoming a visible issue due to the lunch bags people bring to school. Many girls use the complimentary bags that they receive in the in the store to carry their food.

According to, Lululemon tries to target young women who take healthy living seriously: “These women are well educated and have a high income to spend on Lululemon’s merchandise. This was proven when Lululemon continued to grow in sales even with the economic downturn.”