Is Netflix failing to give us real entertainment?

What teachers and students have to say about the entertainment system


Stella Haussler, Staff Writer

The beginning of Netflix was initiated when CEO Reed Hastings got a late fee of $40 for not returning Apollo 13. He then investigated how you could order DVD’s through mail. His invention was released on August 29, 1997. But since Netflix has gone from ordering DVD’s to online streamings, how do we feel about our selections that are available for us?

Another negative aspect of Netflix is the procrastination of students. Homework is generally put aside by 87% of high school students according to Huffington Post, and as much as social media such as facebook and instagram cause distractions so does Netflix. Freshman English teacher Kathleen Coughlin gives her opinion on the subject.

I think Netflix is only one small part of a larger issue.” states the teacher, “There is a terrible irony unfolding with the extent to which  we have allowed technological developments to shape our habits.”

But the real subject is if netflix is failing to give us quality entertainment. So many of our classic films have been removed as more of Netflix Original Series are being added. Netflix original have gotten some not so good ratings from multiple people, but they have just come out with Stranger Things, a show about disappearance of a young boy, and a telekinetic girl who helps his friends in their search for him. They also have Orange is the New Black which went from #18 most watched in May to #1 most watched in June.

“I don’t have any deep feelings about this. Free enterprise is an integral part of our society, so why would I care if Netflix wants to produce shows?” says Coughlin on the original series subject

Netflix set up has changed over the years though. They went from mailing DVDs to you to scrolling through thousand of movies and shows.

“Sometimes I enjoy looking at all the film titles and remembering the ones I have watched and appreciated. Eventually, after scrolling through so many titles and not being able to find anything new and worthwhile to watch, I get frustrated with the weak selection.”