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“Waves”: A Review

“Waves,” directed by Trey Edward Shults and starring Kelvin Harrison Jr., Lucas Hedges, Taylor Russell, and Alexa Demie, premiered November 15, 2019 in select cities.

Alexander Balfanz, Copy Editor

February 11, 2020

It's best to watch "Waves" without knowing anything about it.

Netflix’s “The Circle” Brings Social Media to Life

Reality television show

Taila Lee, Coeditor in Chief

February 9, 2020

Some say that social media has completely taken over our lives. And, in Netflix’s latest reality show “The Circle,” producers take this concept to the next level.

Pelosi Steals the Show at the State of the Union

Trump delivers his State of the Union address while Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi listen behind him.

Chloe Postlewaite, Online Editor

February 5, 2020

President Donald Trump delivered a drama-filled State of the Union Address on February 4. This was his third State of the Union, delivered in the midst of his impeachment trial.

Free Press in the Internet Age

Northwestern's student-run newspaper made national headlines after it covered a student protest.

Chloe Postlewaite, Online Editor

December 20, 2019

Student journalists are a key part of the news, and America only has a free press when there are no limitations to the First Amendment for student journalists.

Cultural Exchange: Learning the Background of Visiting Students from Kyrgyzstan and Tunisia

Woodside exchange students represented their culture during International Education Week.

Gulnazik Bakhramova, Staff Writer

December 20, 2019

Exchange students Adam Ajroudi from Tunisia in North Africa, alongside Aibiike Abdysamatova and Gulnazik Bakhramova (author) from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, presented information about their countries during International Education Week (IEW) on November 18 through 22 at Woodside High School.

To Restore Trust in the Media, We Must Curb Hate

Albeit controversial, the Supreme Court has, under numerous rulings, protected hate speech.

Emma Chiu, Coeditor in Chief

December 19, 2019

Half of all Americans believe fake news is a crucial problem, ranking it as a more pressing issue than violent crime (49 percent), climate change (46 percent), and racism (40 percent).

What I Learned from Meeting Woodside’s “Underappreciated” Clubs

A poster advertising French Club is taped to a wall near the

Alexander Balfanz, Copy Editor

December 15, 2019

In my time at Woodside, I’ve stopped by my fair share of clubs. So, whenever I walk around campus and see posters advertising even more clubs, I wonder how Woodside’s clubs can coexist in such a competitive club economy.

Review: “Magdalene” by FKA Twigs

English singer-songwriter FKA Twigs performs in downtown Seattle on November 18, 2014.

Alexander Balfanz, Copy Editor

November 14, 2019

FKA Twigs released her second album "Magdalene" on November 8, 2019, marking her first full-length album since 2014's "LP1." The album features Twigs collaborating with a variety of talented electronic artists across nine songs.

An Unbelievably Riveting Show

“Unbelievable” was released in September of 2019. The show features Kaitlyn Dever, who played the role of Marie Adler.

Emma Montalbano, Staff Writer

October 18, 2019

“You don't sound crazy to me," Karen Duvall, one of the main detectives in a new limited Netflix series, said. "You sound like someone who's been through a trauma and is looking for a way to feel safe again and in control. And, there is nothing crazy about that.”

Dodie’s Enchanting Performance Lights Up The Fox Theater

Many of Dodie’s songs discuss her struggle to come out as bisexual.

Taila Lee, Coeditor in Chief

October 15, 2019

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA — The Fox Theater glowed a striking sunflower yellow on Sunday, October 6 as Dodie took to the stage in front of hundreds of fans for her 2019 “Human” tour.

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