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Crystal Leach has been selected as the new superintendent.

District chooses Crystal Leach for superintendent position

Patrick Van Hoven, Politics Editor March 24, 2023

After the unexpected exodus of previous superintendent Darnise Williams, the Sequoia Union High School District board has chosen Crystal Leach as the new superintendent  Former superintendent Darnise...

Jessie Lin, left, poses for a photo after a KQED Youth Advisory Board event.

Students pursue extracurricular interests

Patrick Van Hoven, Politics Editor March 10, 2023

Once a month, junior Simon Campbell hops in the car, driving ten minutes to a house in Menlo Park. There, he sits down with a group of 10-15 other like-minded students and discusses topics in philosophy,...

University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, California

College trips and more coming up for juniors

Patrick Van Hoven, Politics Editor March 2, 2023

Woodside’s College and Career Center is offering a variety of services this spring aimed at assisting juniors in their journey to college. Starting in February, Woodside will be taking juniors on several...

We asked DALL-E, an AI image generator, to create an impressionist painting representing the dangers of AI on education.

New AI text-generation capabilities affect Woodside classes

Patrick Van Hoven, Politics Editor February 2, 2023

The recent release of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) text generator, ChatGPT, has led to plagiarism and cheating, which is forcing educators to reevaluate the way they teach. ChatGPT was released in...

The closest voting center to Woodside High is located in the Redwood City Hall Council Chambers.

Your guide to the midterm elections

Patrick Van Hoven, Staff Writer November 7, 2022

Midterm elections are coming up, and the deadline to vote is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. This article contains information about how and where to vote, and summarizes four key issues appearing on the California...

Francis Fukuyamas 2022 release Liberalism and its Discontents chronicles the decline of liberalism in the modern era.

Review: contented with “Liberalism and its Discontents”

Patrick Van Hoven, Staff Writer November 4, 2022

NOTE: Readers should be aware that the term “liberal” is used throughout this article in reference to classical liberalism and not to the modern progressive left. Classical liberalism is defined below.  In...

While Americas institutions ostensobly reward merit and hard work, other more arbitrary factors are often at work.

Opinion: The lie of American merit

Patrick Van Hoven, Staff Writer October 24, 2022

The idea of the American dream is widely canonized in our society. It is embedded in literature (The Great Gatsby), in film (The Pursuit of Happiness), and even in public opinion. According to studies...

Latin Club members participate in the discus throw, one of the clubs hallmark traditions.

Latin Club Keeps Ancient Rome Alive

Patrick Van Hoven, Staff Writer October 6, 2022

Through an eclectic mix of classical appreciation and modern pop culture, Latin Club continues to be a fun way for students to come together at lunch and explore the ancient world.  Latin club meets...

Woodside’s College and Career Center is the center of all college-related activities on campus.

Woodside Expands College and Career Offerings

Patrick Van Hoven, Staff Writer September 24, 2022

Woodside’s Foundation recently raised $195,000, through a fund-a-need campaign to bolster college and career support. The money will fund college trips, essay workshops, and test prep.  Each year,...

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