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People held protests demanding that prisoners be freed amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Should Inmates Have Been Released Because of COVID-19?

Gigi Caviglia, Staff Writer June 23, 2020
As of April 16, more than 16,000 US inmates have been released due to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.
Quiz: Which Animal Are You Based on Your Shelter-in-Place Habits?

Quiz: Which Animal Are You Based on Your Shelter-in-Place Habits?

Gigi Caviglia and Cedrik von Briel May 4, 2020
Take this quiz, and we'll tell you what animal you are!
The first episode of On My Block kicks off right away with a major conflict.

Review: Season 3 of “On My Block”

Gigi Caviglia, Staff Writer April 14, 2020
After keeping fans waiting for almost a year, Netflix's popular drama series "On My Block" finally came out with a third season this April.
The Sadie Hawkins dance was held in the new gym; its theme was City of Stars.

Sadie Hawkins vs. Homecoming: Which Was Better?

Gianna Caviglia, Staff Writer March 3, 2020
The Sadie Hawkins dance, the second Woodside dance of the school year, took place on February 8. But, in comparison to last October's homecoming dance, some students felt that Sadie Hawkins fell short of their expectations.
Students reach for tissues and hand sanitizer as flu season approaches.

Get Your Shots – It’s Flu Season

Gianna Caviglia, Staff Writer November 12, 2019
With influenza (flu) season approaching, many Woodside students are beginning to experience the first symptoms that come with the transition from fall to winter. 
Steve Carell stars as Michael Scott in the show The Office.

Netflix Will Remove “The Office” From Its Platforms in 2020

Gianna Caviglia, Staff Writer October 16, 2019
Many Woodside students are feeling disappointed after Netflix announced on June 25 that the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) will be taking back the streaming rights to the hit comedy “The Office” in January of 2020, meaning that the show will no longer be streaming on Netflix.
Heartburn drug Zantac contains traces of the carcinogen nitrosodimethylamine, according to a study from the New York Times.

Cancer-Causing Chemicals Are Found in Heartburn Drug

Gianna Caviglia, Staff Writer October 4, 2019
Some chemicals found in household items are now being proved to have caused multiple types of deadly cancers.
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