Hurricane Relief Donations

Woodside Community Reaches Out to Hurricane Victims


Jess O'Neill, Local News Editor

Recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have caused huge distress in and off the East Coast. In response, Woodside’s Caroline Daniher has decided to help the cause.

Hurricanes began to wreak havoc in August starting with Hurricane Harvey in Texas. In September, Irma and Maria hit  Puerto Rico, Florida and the Caribbean. Multiple disaster relief organizations– including members of the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, and the National Guard– have traveled to areas affected by the hurricanes and begun rebuilding.

Daniher, a sophomore, is well-informed about the hurricanes along with the distress and damage that they have caused to millions of families.

“Obviously it’s a big issue…and there’s been a lot of victims affected by the hurricanes… kind of inspired me to do something about it”, Daniher explained.

As a leadership student, Danhier believes it is her responsibility to take action.

“Since I’m part of leadership…  to be a representative for Woodside and make sure that they get the help that they need,” stated Daniher.

Daniher has organized multiple fundraisers to raise money from the Woodside community for Hand in Hand 2017– a hurricane relief benefit fund– and the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

“Last home football game we did a t-shirt sale and raised like $424 already; so we are gonna do another one of those at the next home football game,” Daniher explained.

Jake Waleri, a Junior at Gulf Coast High School in Florida, lives in Naples on the Gulf in the most southern part of the state. Naples, along with many other small towns in the southern tip of Florida, was hit hard by the strong winds.

“We were hit the worst, we were hit with the eye [of the hurricane]… but we live in a really rich town so the houses are really well built”, Waleri explained.

Naples is lucky to have well built cement homes, unfortunately other towns are not as lucky. Many homes throughout the southern tip of Florida have been completely destroyed, and the cleanup and rebuilding process is going to take a long time.

“Money is always appreciated to help the needy who have lost their homes… the needy do need some money right now; they took a big hit,” Waleri clarified.

National Geographic published an article titled “Billion-Dollar Hurricanes” on September 13, predicting the cost in damage that hurricanes over the years have caused. Hurricane Harvey is estimated to have cost between $86-$108 billion and Irma between $64-$92 billion.

“It’s really sweet and touching to know that the Woodside community is raising money to help our communities here in Florida,” Waleri thanked the Woodside Community.