Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: A Tale of Two Household Names

Christian Touhey, Video Editor

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met for the first Presidential debate last Monday with motivation to convince the masses they are best fit to be America’s next leader.

Throughout the history of presidential nominations in America, most candidates come from a background of working in politics from years before. In this years nomination, Donald Trump has been  a candidate who is recognized worldwide as a businessman with ties to the Republican party. His background has been a catalyst for disputation throughout the election.

Donald Trump’s tax returns were published last week, showing he possessed close to one billion dollars in tax credit, due to his business losses in the 1990’s. While this legal act caused anger and disappointment amongst many American citizens, real estate investor Carl Touhey believes it makes sense.

“We are talking about a man who manages numerous successful business ventures to this day, and has brought in more money than he’s lost,” Touhey said. “When he lost money in the 1990’s, it was a nationwide downfall for real estate, including casino. Everyone in that field was losing money in some way.”

When asked if he thought avoiding taxes was fair, Touhey said, “Any person living in America will gladly accept a tax exemption, and many do. If you are a working citizen in America, it makes no sense to not take advantage of exemptions. What Donald Trump is doing with his taxes is what any American should do.”

At the presidential debate on Monday, both candidates were asked various questions about topics that had little or nothing to do with politics. When Hillary Clinton was asked why she used a private email server instead of  her Secretary email server, she claimed it was “a mistake”. When asked why she deleted close to 33,000 emails, she had no answer.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s history and experience in the political world, Donald Trump still criticized Clinton for her lack of action. 

Trump stated, “She has had all the time in the World to make change to our country. She has done nothing.” Donald Trump also attacked Hillary Clinton for receiving donations from numerous foreign countries.

John Seybert, recently elected Mayor of Redwood City, feels disappointed in both candidates, and their ability to get along. 

“What you learn from being in this position is that you have no other choice but to get along with each other,” the mayor told the Woodside World. “After watching the first debate, it made me realize that both candidates can learn something from local politics. We won’t get anywhere if everyone is pointing fingers and worried about their own agenda.”

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both accused each other about switching sides on certain issues, including the Iraq War and the Free Trade agreement.

With the nomination less than a month away, both candidates are running short on time to persuade America for their vote. Their skills of appealing to undecided voters will be revealed as time gets closer to open polls.

“People need to come together,” Seybert told Woodside World. “It is the only way our country will strive.”