What to Watch: Dash and Lily



Netflix’s Dash and Lily promotional picture.

Claire Manuel, Local News editor

If you’re looking for something to watch to get you into the mode for the holiday season, try “Dash and Lily.” This Netflix series is based on the book “Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares.” The show follows two high school students, Dash and Lily, and their adventures in New York City during the holidays. Both characters find themselves alone on the holidays, something that Dash is happy about, while the more Christmas loving Lily finds it hard to cope with. With the help of her brother and his boyfriend, Lily hides a notebook containing a list of clues for someone to find in a bookshop, that someone being Dash.

With only eight episodes and each being less than 30 minutes, this is a fast and enjoyable watch. This series switches between both Dash and Lily’s perspectives, allowing the audience to better understand each of the main characters. Both Dash and Lily have their own distinct personalities, Dash being more cynical and Lily having a more bubbly outlook. These two counter opposites complement each other throughout the series. The cast is filled with fun characters like Lily’s lively family and Dash’s faithful best friend. This love letter to New York City gives a festive view of all there is during the holiday season in the city, from the mall Santa Claus to Grand Central Terminal. All of these together make this a must-watch.