The Paw Print

Coming Soon: Magic Bridge Playgrounds

The Magic Bridge park in Redwood City remains under development.

Claire Manuel, Arts and Entertainment Editor

November 12, 2019

A Magic Bridge Playground for all abilities is opening in Redwood City around March 2020 and will need student volunteers.

We, the Students…

Similar to the United States Constitution, Woodside's Student Body Constitution begins with a preamble and is divided into articles.

Emma Chiu, Coeditor in Chief

November 7, 2019

Woodside’s Student Body Constitution governs a number of school proceedings, yet outside of the leadership classroom, some students remain unaware it exists.

California Reflects on the 30th Anniversary of the Destructive Earthquake

An apartment building collapses from the force of the Loma Prieta earthquake on October 17, 1989.

Gigi Bakhramova, Staff Writer

November 6, 2019

Bay Area residents recently marked the 30th anniversary of the powerful Loma Prieta earthquake.

Woodside’s Got Talent

The contestants lined up at the end of the show to hear who won awards.

Emma Montalbano, Staff Writer

November 5, 2019

Woodside’s Wildcats shared their talents with friends, family, and fellow students on Thursday, October 17 at the annual talent show.

Pink Ribbon Success

The Pink Ribbon Club sold shirts at a stand during the game.

Tessa Bertine, Local News Editor

November 5, 2019

Woodside's Pink Ribbon football game, hosted annually by Woodside's Pink Ribbon Club, took place versus Mills High School last Friday and raised awareness for breast cancer research.

Power Outages Disconnect Seniors From Their College Applications

Many families used candles, flashlights, or lanterns during the power outage that began Saturday, October 26.

Taila Lee, Coeditor in Chief

October 28, 2019

With the November 1 early action college deadline approaching, many seniors panicked over their inability to edit their online applications due to the power outage beginning October 26 with no confirmed restoration date.

National Bullying Prevention Month Sparks Reflections and Suggestions

October 2019 marks the ninth annual National Bullying Prevention Month.

Sam Brook, Managing Editor

October 21, 2019

Many Woodside students have experienced some form of bullying during their time in school. In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, the following students chose to share their experiences to improve their community.

Photo essay: 13 birds for the 3 billion lost

A male Blue Grosbeak sings for his mate on a fencepost in Boulder County, Colorado. Over 25% of all migratory birds like this one were lost since 1970, according to a new study.

Cedrik von Briel, Health/Lifestyle/Technology Editor

October 18, 2019

A startling report recently published by the Cornell lab of Ornithology states that North America has lost about 2.9 individual birds of many different species since 1970; that’s just over one in four individual birds lost. Here is just a sample of some of the many bird families that were featured in the study:

How do the Wildcats Feel About Homecoming?

Woodside staff also dressed to show their spirit during a their decades skit at the Homecoming Pep Rally.

Skylie Maher, Staff Writer

October 18, 2019

After leadership students spent hours preparing for October’s homecoming week, the reaction of the students varied.

Meet Woodside’s Exchange Students

Aibiike Abdysamatova of Kyrgyzstan, Adam Ajroudi of Tunisia, and Gulnazik Bakhramova of Kyrgyzstan (from left to right) are the three exchange students studying at Woodside this year.

Emma Chiu, Coeditor in Chief

October 16, 2019

Three exchange students—Adam Ajroudi from Tunisia, Gulnazik “Gigi” Bakhramova from Kyrgyzstan, and Aibiike Abdysamatova from Kyrgyzstan—are studying at Woodside this school year in hopes of attaining more educational and professional opportunities.

The Voice of the Wildcats