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Students walk out the classroom while being safe with masks and social distancing. 

COVID-19 protocol for Woodside High School 

Mary Keile, Staff Writer January 18, 2022

Woodside High School students must follow the COVID-19 protocols and safety precautions put in place this school year.  A letter outlining COVID-19 protocols sent to Woodside students in early January...

With Omicron on the rise, the CDC advises it is best to keep wearing mask and get a booster shot.

Radical COVID absences impact the entire school

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer January 17, 2022

Nearly 20% of the student body was at home during the first week of second semester, and that number is only growing. COVID has been a problem for schools all over the country over the past two years....

“Devotion” is Tirzah’s first full-length album, released following a series of EPs from 2013 to 2015.

What to Listen To: “Devotion”

Alexander Balfanz, Co-Editor in Chief January 7, 2021

When Tirzah’s album “Devotion” came out in 2018, I wasn’t a huge fan. It’s a slow (and often very repetitive) take on R&B that went over my head for a long time. Now, I’ve had it on repeat...

What To Play: Brawlhalla

What To Play: “Brawlhalla”

Anthony Rastellini, Staff Writer January 7, 2021

"Brawlhalla" is a platform fighting game that can be both online and offline. It can also be played competitively, but that is the user's choice. It is a free game on PC,  Xbox 1, Playstation 4, and the...

A promotional poster for Breaking Bad featuring the main character, Walter White.

What to Watch During Quarantine

Christopher Montalbano, Staff Writer January 7, 2021

While stuck inside, trying to find a show to watch is hard; a show must be entertaining and engaging and has enough reasons for people to keep busy. My quarantine recommendation is "Breaking Bad" and its...

A screenshot of the full playlist available for readers to listen to if they are looking for calming pop music.

What to Listen to: Calming Pop Songs

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer January 6, 2021

Staying at home can be boring, and you may need ways to pass the time. Listening to music can be helpful and relaxing. Here are some Pop songs I recommend: These songs are popular and calming when you...

Daniel Lopatin, who goes by the stage name Oneohtrix Point Never, released his ninth studio album on 30 October, 2020. 

Quarantine Recommendation – “Magic Oneohtrix Point Never”

Alexander Balfanz, Co-Editor in Chief January 5, 2021

When was the last time you went on a road trip? For our responsible readers, I imagine it’s been a while. The magic of gliding down long stretches of highway is something we’ve had to put on hold now...

Watch the highly acclaimed TV show on Disney+.

What to Watch: The Mandalorian

Jessica Lin, Staff Writer January 4, 2021

The hit Star Wars series "The Mandalorian" returns to Disney+ with a second season. The show is perfect for families who are Star Wars fans and for those who just love Baby Yoda. With the season 2 finale...

Staying Active during COVID-19 lockdowns

Staying Active during COVID-19 lockdowns

Martina Baldassi, Staff Writer January 4, 2021

Staying active during this time can be challenging for most people, but it is more important than ever. As humans, we have become extremely sedentary due to advanced technology and the pandemic. It...

Gnocchi is a simple, tasty dish almost anyone can make!

How to Make Gnocchi

Martina Baldassi, Staff writer December 22, 2020

Gnocchi is a typical Italian recipe often made by nonnas (grandmas). It is not commonly known in the United States, but it is quite delicious. The sauce I chose to pair it with is a healthier, vegetarian...

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