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Medline Club co- presidents and co-vice president stand in front of their table at club rush.

New and returning clubs at Woodside

Xamara Carrillo, Online Editor September 30, 2022

With the start of the school year, new and previous clubs are back in session. If you’re looking for a club to join and don’t know which one, here are two of the clubs meeting this school year: Medline...

Intense temperatures peaked well over 100° as class remained in session.

Woodside held strong against raging temperatures

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief September 27, 2022

Students and teachers fought through difficult classroom conditions as a powerful heatwave hung over campus throughout the week of September 5.  Temperatures reached a sweltering 107° Fahrenheit as...

Debate club meets in C-16 on Tuesdays, where you can argue and express your opinion.

Arguments come to life at the new Debate Club

Martin O'Toole, Staff Writer September 26, 2022

A brand-new debate club has been created by co-founders Tessa Niu, Justin Lee, and Jessica Lin, open for anyone who wants to learn about building an argument. This new club meets every Tuesday in C-16,...

Students enjoy the benefits of free meals that Woodside is currently offering under the California Universal Meals Program.

New PIN-ID system causes dispute among students

Kailyn Holty, Sports Editor September 26, 2022

With lines stretching out the door and prepackaged food containers littering the tables, the recent implementation of the PIN-ID system in the cafeteria has exacerbated the lines and wait times, or so...

Students find more piles like these strewn across their desks: a chaotic mix of chemistry, calculus, job applications, and more.

Student employees face money, money…and more shifts?

Chloe de Leon, Staff Writer September 24, 2022

Working students spanning across different career fields experience the workplace struggles between themselves, their bosses, and their work environment. The new school year brings a new batch of student...

Woodside’s College and Career Center is the center of all college-related activities on campus.

Woodside Expands College and Career Offerings

Patrick Van Hoven, Staff Writer September 24, 2022

Woodside’s Foundation recently raised $195,000, through a fund-a-need campaign to bolster college and career support. The money will fund college trips, essay workshops, and test prep.  Each year,...

One of the many flyers advertising Women in Tech club students can see around campus.

Woodside girls take male-dominated fields head on with creation of Women in Tech club

Conrad Berke, Managing Editor September 23, 2022

With the creation of several new clubs this year comes the Women in Tech Club, primarily focused on supporting girls interested in technology and engineering career paths, a predominantly male field. The...

Blume, Germano, Kautzmenn, and Rich give Woodside students insight into their visions as freshman officers.

Visions for the Class of 2026

Jaiedenn Dolan, Staff Writer September 22, 2022

Catherine Blume, Marycarla Germano, Elizabeth Kautzmann, and Lucas Rich won their freshman elections by a popular vote that took place on Tuesday, September 13.  These four students were elected for...

To speak with Mr. Hernandez, you can schedule an appointment with him by signing up on his clipboard.

Jimmy Hernandez becomes a new Guidance counselor

Xamara Carrillo, Online Editor September 20, 2022

Former College and Career Information Specialist Jimmy Hernandez is taking on a new role as a Guidance counselor this school year. Hernandez has been at Woodside for a two years before taking on a new...

Leaving the campus is often a disorganized obstacle at the end of the day.

Students question the benefits of a delayed bell schedule

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief September 17, 2022

As California public schools begin new efforts to prevent sleep deprivation among high schoolers this year, students consider whether the state’s measures are counterproductive. Beginning on July...

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