Sequoia Union High School District Announces Date to Reopen


Jack Freeman

Shown above is the slide from the interim Superintendent’s presentation announcing the return to in-person schooling on April 5.

Jack Freeman, Co-Editor in Chief

The Sequoia Union High School District’s (SUHSD) Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, February 24 and announced that they are targeting an April 5, 2021 return to in-person classes.

“I am pleased that the district, in collaboration with the Sequoia District Teachers Association [SDTA], has reached an agreement,” interim SUHSD Superintendent Crystal Leach explained.

“There is a plan to return to in-person instruction on April 5. There will be more information released to families as it comes in,” Leach continued. “There is still a ratification process and some internal processes that will happen over the next few days to a week, and I will release the information as soon as I am able to do so.”

While details on the new plan are hard to come by, reactions have been swift. Some, like Woodside High School senior Nathaniel Klug, don’t see this plan as a win.

“[The move to reopen] really makes it feel like the district doesn’t care for [students],” said Klug. “The school year is three quarters done with, and I’m not sure what bringing us back for two months will do. My family isn’t vaccinated at all, and I don’t want to put my family at risk. I’d rather we just write this year off and keep everyone as safe as possible.”

Meanwhile, students like Jake Keller are happy to return to in-person classes.

“I was excited and relieved to know that we will be going back,” explained Keller. “I’m done with online school, not being back on campus, and missing out on [my] senior year. I’m not worried about the safety of returning; data has shown that schools aren’t a very high-risk place.”

For now, it’s a waiting game until more details are released, but make sure to check in with The Paw Print to stay updated.