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Students and teachers rally for change in the quad

We! Want! Change!

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer January 17, 2023

The force of political, social, and interpersonal conflict weighs heavy on the shoulders of today’s teens.  Over the course of the 2022 year, crucially memorable historical events occurred. During...

Green Academy sophomores embarked on an ocean kayaking trip earlier this year

Green Academy field trips bring environmental science to life

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief December 5, 2022

Students of the Green Academy have traveled all over the Bay Area in pursuit of real-world experience and skills involving environmental education.  The Green Academy is an on-campus program offering...

GTA students build skills in digital art and design throughout the three-year program.

GTA seeks new adventures in the world of tech

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief December 1, 2022

Graphics and Technology students haven’t failed to bring a little extra excitement to the campus, from facilitating the haunted house, to designing posters for upcoming events. What’s in store for...

The long-awaited Splatoon 3 was finally made available on September 8th, 2022.

Review: “Splatoon 3” was well worth the wait

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief November 16, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to glide through colorful puddles of ink as a shape shifting squid person? Or perhaps you prefer solving spatial puzzles with the help of your faithful paint gun,...

Rainbow fentanyl takes many forms, often appearing as small candy-shaped pills or sidewalk chalk.

Rainbow Fentanyl: What are we doing about it?

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief October 27, 2022

As evocative stories of fentanyl overdoses and deadly disguised pills flood news sources, school leaders are getting involved at a more local level, working to bring awareness and keep students safe.  Fentanyl...

The Octagon Club meets outside every Monday, between the F and G wings.

The Octagon Community Service Club empowers student volunteers

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief October 7, 2022

Carrying on decades of work to help students find and discuss volunteer opportunities, members of the Octagon Club are as eager as ever to give back to their community.   The Octagon Club was founded...

Intense temperatures peaked well over 100° as class remained in session.

Woodside held strong against raging temperatures

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief September 27, 2022

Students and teachers fought through difficult classroom conditions as a powerful heatwave hung over campus throughout the week of September 5.  Temperatures reached a sweltering 107° Fahrenheit as...

Leaving the campus is often a disorganized obstacle at the end of the day.

Students question the benefits of a delayed bell schedule

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief September 17, 2022

As California public schools begin new efforts to prevent sleep deprivation among high schoolers this year, students consider whether the state’s measures are counterproductive. Beginning on July...

Heartstopper, based on a graphic novel series, became available on Netflix on April 22, 2022.

“Heartstopper” becomes an iconic show among LGBTQ+ students

Winnie Einhorn, Staff Writer June 14, 2022

Netflix’s much-anticipated TV show “Heartstopper” finally made its debut on April 22, stealing the hearts of students searching for accurate, positive, and wholesome queer representation. Regardless...

Walking the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail is a great way to experience the cliffs and the beach.

10 hidden gems to visit for your refreshing trip to Half Moon Bay

Winnie Einhorn, Staff Writer May 24, 2022

Small Town Sweets Looking for a wider selection at more affordable prices to satisfy your sweet tooth? Small Town Sweets is the place to be. Nestled into the heart of Main Street, this adorable...

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