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Every voting age adult in California is required to be sent a vote by mail ballot for the June 7th election.

High school seniors were less likely to vote in midterm elections

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer June 13, 2022

The class of 2022 had the first opportunity to vote in a state or federal election on Tuesday, June 7, but many were not enthusiastic about the idea.  The California midterm elections had many offices...

The burger from Habit, a chain with its closest location at Sequoia Station in downtown Redwood City,  was overflowing with delicious perfection.

Review: The best and worst burgers in Redwood City

Spencer Calsing Lyons and Charlie Sullivan April 6, 2022

Burgers are a staple of the American diet, and you could find a place that sells them in almost every part of the US. In fact, burgers are such a staple, that when people think of the US, they automatically...

Kathrine (Brynn Ayoob) and Torrey (Chloe Montgomery) singing near a large cake during what you got during Woodsides production of Freaky Friday on Sunday, March 13, 2022. (All photo captions by Spencer Calsing Lyons)

Review: “Freaky Friday” shows audiences “they got this”

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer March 15, 2022

Woodside Theater has turned out hit after hit in recent years, and “Freaky Friday” hasn’t missed the mark this time around.  Adapted from the Disney movie of the same name, “Freaky Friday”...

The set of Freaky Friday is continuing to be built as the show is soon to occur.

“Freaky Friday” prepares for March 11 opening

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer March 4, 2022

This year’s spring musical “Freaky Friday” will show on the weekend of March 11th through the weekend of March 18th. The musical is based on a movie of the same name released by Disney in the...

With Omicron on the rise, the CDC advises it is best to keep wearing mask and get a booster shot.

Radical COVID absences impact the entire school

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer January 17, 2022

Nearly 20% of the student body was at home during the first week of second semester, and that number is only growing. COVID has been a problem for schools all over the country over the past two years....

Poster for Eternals

Eternally Boring

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer December 6, 2021

Marvel fans everywhere were excited for the newest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Eternals, and many agreed that the film delivered. But after watching it last weekend, I felt an overwhelming...

Ethnic Studies Class

The New Curriculum: Ethnic Studies

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer November 21, 2021

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation that approved the new ethnic studies curriculum that High Schoolers across the state are now taking - including at Woodside.  The bill mandates...

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