The Paw Print


These are the awards received by the Paw Print, Woodside TV-Live, and Staff!

Digital Media Live Coverage 

*First Place – “Woodside Walkout Live Coverage”

Anchors: Jess O’Neill, Sean Moriarty, Field Reporter: Holly Rusch

Woodside TV Live Breaking News Crew: Philip Moises, Brendan Peck, Justin Swan, Scott Morimoto

*Second Place – “RWC March for Our Lives Live Coverage”

Anchors: Mykha Latimer, Stefan Sujansky, Field Reporter: Leila Taherian

Woodside TV Live Thursday Crew: Philip Moises, Brendan Peck, Daniel Moreno, Gianna V., Ivria Crane, Ryan Quinn

Digital Media News Website Design

*Honorable Mention – Isabella Williams: Online Editor and 2018-2019 Co-in-Chief Editor

News Story

*Honorable Mention – Sean Moriarty: Politics Staff Writer

Sports Story

*Honorable Mention – Aaron Raubvogel: 2017-2018 Co-in-Chief Editor

Video News Package

*Third Place – Scott Morimoto: Woodside TV Live Reporter

Digital Media Photo Slideshow

*Honorable Mention – Joseph Balsama: Photo Editor

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